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    October 07, 2017

    Fifteen years after being elected the first Latina to the Maryland General Assembly, Del. Ana Sol Gutiérrez (D-Montgomery) considered her choices: run for reelection or “see what other options were available.”

    Gutiérrez, 75, chose Option B, and she is joining the crowded race for the District 1 seat on the Montgomery County Council. Frustrated by the slow pace and conservative nature of politics in Annapolis, Gutiérrez said she wants to fight for immigrant rights and access to education in the place she has called home for nearly her entire life.

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    September 09, 2017

    Del. Ana Sol Gutierrez, the first Latina ever elected to the Maryland General Assembly, has jumped into the race for Montgomery County Council.

    Gutierrez, who is serving in her fourth term as a District 18 representative, filed paperwork Monday with the state elections board to run as a candidate in County Council District 1 using public campaign financing.

    The seat is being vacated by Council President Roger Berliner, D, a candidate for county executive.

    “My decision to run for the County Council in Montgomery County is really an incredible opportunity to continue to serve the residents of Montgomery County,” Gutierrez said in an interview.  “The importance of being politically active and involved today – under the current administration and what I see as threats to our democratic principles – means now is not the time to retire and sit by the wayside.  

    “I think it’s going to take every one of us to become active every day and to make sure we are protecting all of the values that I thought were American and would be eternal and forever.  The bottom line is when we don’t protect those values, our families suffer, our children suffer, our society suffers.  That is what propelled me to make this decision.  I am ready to jump in and continue the fight.”

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